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Download server

Welcome to Gisgraphy download server. Since 2006, Gisgraphy is a free opensource framework based on Openstreetmap, Geonames and Quatroshapes data that offers the ability to do geolocalisation, geocoding, and reverse geooding via Java APIs or REST webservices.
More informations on the Gisgraphy web site.
Due to people that have abused / hacked the service, only PBF are available. CSV files for import are curently unavailable. Please send a mail to if you really need it urgently.

  • Freely available
  • 34 million house numbers, 76 million streets, 7 million POIs; 4.3 million cities and 216,000 shapes of cities
  • Split by country and updated every month
More questions, needs consulting, suggestions, comments, special needs ? site : or Mail :
You can order custom extracts (based on openstreetmap tags. e.g :maxspeed), address databases, zipcodes extract, or Gisgraphy dumps on gisgraphy premium page

On these server, you will find several directories :
\_releases : releases of Gisgraphy, Gisgraphoid, plugins (leaflet,...) and client libs.
\_openstreetmap :
\_pbf : PBF files extracted from Openstreetmap, splited by country, they ARE NOT used by the Gisgraphy importer.
\_snapshots : Snapshots of Gisgraphy framework (generally uploaded on demand)

Files are provided "as is", without warranty or any representation of accuracy, tar-bzip2-compressed,
and updated every month.

Important : Filename correspond to the iso-3166 code. The files are split by country code, not sovereignty, for instance FR doesn't contains Dom Tom and islands that are extract in a separate file (GP,RE,...). Tips : To get all files of a sovereignity, just have a look at country flags : same flag, same sovereignty.

More information on the several CSV / TSV and PBF format here