Download server

Welcome to Gisgraphy download server. Since 2006, Gisgraphy is a free opensource framework based on Openstreetmap, Geonames and Quatroshapes data that offers the ability to do geolocalisation, geocoding, and reverse geooding via Java APIs or REST webservices.
  • Freely available
  • Split by country and updated every month
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You can order custom extracts (based on openstreetmap tags. e.g :maxspeed), address databases, zipcodes extract, or Gisgraphy dumps on gisgraphy premium page

On these server, you will find several directories :
\_releases : releases of Gisgraphy, Gisgraphoid, plugins (leaflet,...) and client libs.
\_openstreetmap :
\_pbf : PBF files extracted from Openstreetmap, splited by country, they ARE NOT used by the Gisgraphy importer.
\_snapshots : Snapshots of Gisgraphy framework (generally uploaded on demand)

Files are provided "as is", without warranty or any representation of accuracy, tar-bzip2-compressed,
and updated every month.

Important : Filename correspond to the iso-3166 code. The files are split by country code, not sovereignty, for instance FR doesn't contains Dom Tom and islands that are extract in a separate file (GP,RE,...). Tips : To get all files of a sovereignity, just have a look at country flags : same flag, same sovereignty.